Full Back-up and automated Rollback

Dear Volumio Team,

First of all, I wish you and your families a Happy New Year and all the best!

Due to the last December update bugs, I think that a full back-up solution would be very useful.

  • the back-up including OS, settings and personal data should be possible as an option prior starting the update. A short check of the required space on the micro sd card shall be done and if possible blocked.

  • a rollback option can be implemented either as opt-in or opt-out:

    • opt-in: in the System settings (“Return to saved system image”)
    • opt-out: after the update, a countdown is started and if the user does not react (due to some bugs) the system will make an automated rollback to the last back-up data. A message can be displayed in order to warn the user that the update did not function and the rollback is done. It is the same approach like when changing the monitor settings on PC.

With a full back-up solution as well as a list of older system images for installation, I hope that the most of the emergency situations during holidays could be avoided.


Dear Adrian,
this is a very good idea. Looking into it

Dear Volumio Team,

You can implement additionally the possibility to “update” the Volumio OS to different OS versions.

This feature is implemented for example in LibreELEC:
wiki.libreelec.tv/_detail/wiki/ … c_settings

This feature will give a comfortable access to different Volumio versions without any search in the Forum posts.
Additionally, you have the full control on the versions offered and can provide a selection of the most stable versions (Editor’s picks :ugeek: ).

For the really bad situations, also a list of the required terminal commands shall be provided: sometimes the SSH connection is the only way to talk with the Volumio device.