From 2gig to 4gigs ram on a pi, well worth it?

i’ve been jogging volumio on my antique pi 3 and virtually revel in it. i specifically use it as an offline hifi streamer out at my trailer wherein net and cell smartphone get admission to is restrained. i just let it run its very own hotspot, connect and throw on a playlist.

i’ve been searching at upgrading my pi specially to tinker with a brand new setup and additionally get a bit rapid speed whilst the use of the webui. i was planning on getting the two gig version however had been thinking about the 4 gig for future proofing. just thinking what the mind had been which version to go along with.

I’ve got quite a few 1 gig RPi3bs around the house and a few 2 gig RPi4s. The biggest difference is the speed of rescanning my library (mounted over NFS) — 2gb makes a huge difference there.

i have both, the rapberry 4b 2gb and the 4gb model.

I notice no difference between the two players, they are both equally fast.

IMHO for Volumio usage, 2GB is more than enough

there is a big difference if you run a image i used all 2.XX are slow, if use a 3.10 version of ash
made some changes to it now it’s working great. i like to see a version that uses all of the power of the pi 4
and that it works on a ssd instead of a sd this is still my bottleneck where living in the past with volumio…