Fritz NAS


I was running an old version of Volumio for years now.
Today I updated Volumio to the newest version.

Before this, using Volumio has been convenient. Volumio was connected to the FritzBox built in NAS, so Volumio was able to access the stick connected to the FritzBox-Router.

But, after updating, Volumio tells me it ca not access the FritzBox-NAS.

What is different, how can I solve this?


Newer FRITZ!OS versions are disabling SMBv1 (vers=1.0) for security reasons.
Try to enable it in the Fritz!OS settings or better set now “vers=3.0” to your SMB options of Volumio

BTW: your IP Adress is something with…

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Have a search of the forums. This regularly appears, and is usually because the NAS is sharing a different path than what you are expecting. You need to look on your Fritz, and find the exact share name.

In terms of update, I’m not aware of any changes that would affect this.