Frequently needs reboot

I have two RaspPi3 I use with Volumio. One of the Pis needs to be rebooted a lot. I could be mistaken, but I think it’s twice a day when I’m using it a lot. The other one needs a reboot rarely maybe never except after updates?

As far as I know, the only differences between the two machines are: different forced ip addresses, different DACs (Kali on stable machine, cheap dongle on crasher), different network connections (stable machine is plugged in, unstable machine is wifi)

Any suggestions as to where I should look first?


May be the one that requires frequent reboot has some unknown setting turned on which results into additional resource usage?

Possibly something to do with your router renewing wifi leases?? Balbuze has a plugin on Github for something similar, but possibly not the same problem.

When it needs a reboot, it seems like it has only stopped playing music and sending out information to the web interface. I can ssh in. I can look at the log. While I don’t know what I am looking for, nothing says, “failure” or “error” or anything like that at the point it stopped working. I think the log says Volumio it is still taking commands from the web interface, but it isn’t showing on the screen. And I am able to reboot it through the web interface. When one device (phone, lapttop…) goes bad, I get the same thing from all devices that try to access Volumio.

Sorry, didn’t save the log to a file. Can’t get it to replicate right now.