"Forget" WiFi Connections

Volumio 3.251
RPI 3 B+

How do I get Volumio to Forget a WiFi connection ?

When I first set-up Volumio I had it connect too My WiFi via “WiFi 1” which turns out to be too slow for some audio tracks causing pauses, So I set it to connect to “WiFi 2” which is a much faster connection and everything plays fine.

But… On occasion Volumio will just drop “WiFi 2” and connect to “WiFi 1” for no reason, in itself causing a pause in playback.

So… How do I tell volumio to forget “WiFi 1”. It has Obviously stored the password somewhere.
I supose I could do a clean install and start again, but that is a long way around what should be as simple as clicking “forget”

The easiest way I have found.
Connect your pi via ethernet, SSH into it and open /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf delete the contents save and exit, reboot.
Then from within volumio add back the wifi you want

I have a similar issue on version 3.251
after a fresh install wifi is not connecting anymore! The wifi netwrok is the same. I see the SSID i click connect and nothing happens.
on my dhcp there is no new entry in the lease list.
any guidence on how to debug this?