Foobar to Volumio

I use rasp3 and Volumio 2.041, I want to send from Foobar to Volumio as described in this article: … ng-foobar/
I implemented it, Foobar recognizes Volumio, but it does not work, it gives me this error:
“Unrecoverable playback error: UPnP device error: network timeout”
Can you help me?



I tried the same and it worked for me in some older build of the x86 image (can’t remeber which one sadly).

Since around March/April 2017 I can’t use another setting than 16bit/44.1kHz for the UPnP output. Everything else will only output white noise at a high volume.

Running the latest foobar2000 version as of today including the latest version of the UPnP_Output.fb2k

Still looking for a solution myself.

JRiver’s DLNA/UPnP output must be different somehow because it work’s to at least 24bit/192kHz + DSD64 in the same setup.

I also opted for JRiver.

that’s too bad because I don’t like the JRiver GUI at all. Couldn’t get a decent simple config like foobar’s columns…

Did you ask for help in the foobar2000 forum? If not I might just do that and let you know if there’s a fix.

I am not sure if you guy are aware but I was able to get MusicBee to stream to my Volumio device. Works perfectly and full control over Volumio from within MusicBee.

I know Foobar has a cult following but give MusicBee a try, especially if you are trying to organize your library.

I have not found a way to use Volumio to control MusicBee the other way around yet.

Thanks, but I can’t seem to find info on DSD/SACD playback other than some old thread where people mention it not working with a third party plugin.

foobar2000 always worked for me and all the plugins and functions I need (aside from UPnP obviously) work without a glitch.

I found my old SD card with Volumio 2.129 for Raspberry Pi. This one does work to at least 24/96 with foo_upnp v0.99.49 via UPnP. Can’t figure out DSD though.