Folder and file name formatting

I need some guidance with file naming structure. As beets runs on Linux, it works flawless from my sicker container. However, when I flip to windows I start having issues. Occasionally I cannot locate a file or open the folder twice and content changes or it is empty.

The issue is that file paths in windows do not differentiate case and then get confused.

Windows seems to think Da Tweekaz x Refuzion and Da Tweekaz X Refuzion are the same.

I used to use a tool called media monkey and with it the case and leading zero fixer. This plugin made sure a case format was followed and so this noted issue was handled. However, with beets I don’t seem to have any options other than the function file naming where I force all upper of all lower. While this would make all case match, it is also not super ideal.

Do we know if there is a better way to do this other than all one case, upper/lower?

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No personal experience of this, but have a look here.

Thanks, I will check this out. Sort of sill they do it per folder and subfolders do not apply. Would be great to just make it a standard.