FLAC radio plugin - Mother Earth Radio

Hello all,
i run the free FLAC 96kHz/24bit icecast radio station Mother Earth Radio.
My stream unfortunately is not useable in applications based on music player daemon mpd. I understand that is why Volumio too wont play more than one song without stopping the stream at track end.

Writing a plugin myself would require me to learn the language (java script?) and is a bit over my head.
So i am asking for volunteers :smile: or any help

The task looks simple:
Grab a icecast flac stream and do something clever with it so it does not stop when there is no “end-of-file” but the next track.
I could provide an extra metadata output out of the broadcaster liquidsoap; json i.e.
(the metadata inside the stream seems to be mpd’s troublemaker)

Does that sound do-able?
Thank you for reading and for any ideas, thoughts, or help; the usual virtual beer and my gratitude would be yours.