.flac files not listed, library reset, and other q's.

Issue 1: I have no other .flac files in my library at all, I can see the folder with the files being added, but I cannot see the files themselves. Obviously, they are in the library, so I’m out of ideas as to why.

Issue 2: Also, I’ve tried to reset the /var/lib/mpd_tag_cache (as I thought this would refresh my library (as a whole, not related to the above issue) but I can still see remnants of my old library path(s).

How can remove all traces of the old library and start over?

Issue 3: How can I spot if the updating of the library has stalled (or even how it’s progressing?)

Many Thanks!

  1. If the files arn’t tagged correctly they might not show up correctly in the library view. Update the database and see if the files are available behind the browse tab.

  2. update the library database in menu --> library

  3. The webui shows an update sign on the browse tab