FLAC file playback stops soon after seeking within track

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.907
Hardware: Pi3B
DAC: Topping E30

I am using Volumio as a UPNP renderer controlled by Logitech Media Server via the UPNPBridge plugin. LMS is on a Pi4. Everything seems to be working apart from one thing. When I jump to a later point in a FLAC track then playback stops soon afterwards. Doing the same in a dsf track works fine.
I did try to find a log file but there is no volumio.log file at /var/log. I suppose the question is how do I troubleshoot this?

you could update LMS maybe this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion but I am already on the latest (not Volumio). It seems to be an issue with the FLAC header being sent to Volumio by the UPNP bridge. There are two options, “normal” and “fixed”. Mine was set to normal and changing to fixed works. Problem solved :grinning: