Flac/Cue Files behavior


I’m using Volumio now for about 5 months and I think this is a really great thing!

Well, there are two things that are bothering me.
It is Volumios behavior in handling flac/cue files. 95% of the AudioCD rips I made are one single flac file with one cue file for the Track information.

Volumio lists always the cue file + all the songs from the Album in each folder.
I think listing the cue file is unnessesary. i really would to like have the option to ignore the cue files.

But, the most annoying thing is that if I play a song it won’t stop at the end of the title. Volumio keeps playing the wohle album until the end.

How does this come? Is it so unusual to have the whole CD in one single file.

I would really appreciate it to be fixed.


The problem is with MPD, the music player underneath Volumio, MPD simply sees the single FLAC file and disregards the cue sheet.
If/when this is resolved in MPD, then the problem will be solved in Volumio.

It looks like MPD is able to handle cue sheets: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Music_Player_Daemon/Tips_and_tricks#Cue_Files
However, if I understand the documentation correctly you can load a single FLAC with CUE into mpd and play as a playlist. I am not sure how that would work from the MPD indexing and single track playing perspective. That would be something to explore in MPD.

any news on this? Half of my collection is a single FLAC with cue file.


Obviously this does not seem to be an issue of great importance to anyone at all…
I startet my first Volumio hardware build about two years ago and this hasn’t be fixed until today.

Neither MPD nor Volumio coders ever seemed to be interested in getting this done.

Well, it seems we have to live with it or try alternatives to Volumio.
I would appreciate it to be fixed but on the other hand i’d rather change the platform than reencode my whole CD library to single songs.

Just my two cents
Happy Christmas…

「Obviously this does not seem to be an issue of great importance to anyone at all …」

Noop , this is of great importance . Most of my cd collections are backed up as single file cue sheet.

I have just finished my raspberry pi + volumio + es9023 music player

Everything is terrific except the single file cue sheet issue as described in this thread

I am quite superised that such tiny problem wasn’t got fixed for more than one year since it was reported

As a linux app develoer for more then 20 yr, I will fix it by myself if the problem has not been resolved in coming future.

Did you solved this ?

My whole collection is composed of single file flac music with cue sheets too.
This works fine in Music Library tab, but nothing has shown in Artist, Genre, Album Tab.
How could i make MPD to read cue sheets tags ?

Sorry for continue this old thread. But only for information:
Same problem here. The cue sheet problem is not solved in Volumio until now.
I switched to RuneAudio ( rAudio 1) . Cue sheets are handled correctly here.

Same problem. I had to split (using Medieval Cue Splitter) all the album I had in single FLAC file + cue.