Flac 44.1kHz 948k 16bit vs MP3 44.1k 192kHz 24bit?

Hi there

Perhaps a silly question but I am wondering which is better:

Flac 44.1kHz 948k 16bit vs MP3 44.1k 192kHz 24bit?

Now I know that ‘better’ is a subjective thing but what I am looking for is soime simple views as to which should sound better played via an RPi + DigiOne combo to agood quality budget amp inc. DAC?

What is of particular interest is the fact that I am seeing Falc at a lower bit rating than MP3 when I would have expected the opposite.

Thanks in andvance for any wisdom/guidance that can be provided.

Regards, TheCharbits

Lossless (FLAC) is always better, as MP3 is a lossy format (loss of details due to compression technics). The question is always, can you hear the difference.
But if you already go for the Digione + Volumio go for FLAC.

Since your mixing up bitrate and samplerates and bits, please have this read: https://www.off-the-beat.com/flac-vs-mp3/

Hi there Wheaten

Many thanks for the response, the recommendation & the link to the article.

I should say that I do not think I am mixing anything up as what I have advised is what Volumio is telling me about the tracks I am playing and I am seeing Flac as 16bit whilst MP3 is showing 24bit…which intrigued me into asking the question.

I am hoping that the article will clarify things for me.

Thanks again, TheCharbits