[FIXED] Wifi not working (Official Raspberry pi dongle)


I have a Raspberry pi B+ with a 2 amp power supply, Official Raspberry pi Wifi dongle, USB for music, IQaudio DAC+.
I have loaded Volumio on and connected it to ethernet. I can access the volumio through my computer, but it states “no interface found” (I believe that is what is says) for the wifi. I cannot seem to see ANY wireless connections. I am in an apartment building so it should see several which leads me to believe it is a driver issue.

This link has advice on how to get wifi working. I was not sure if this was what is needed to be done as I have not loaded Raspbian.
thepihut.com/blogs/raspberry-pi- … i-raspbian

Can someone please help!

Thank you in advance!


When the foundation released the Official Raspberry pi Wifi dongle there was an update for raspbian that contained the drivers for the dongle. Volumio 1.55 was released before that update and does not contain the drivers. So you’ll need to install the drivers for your adapter before being able to use it.

— Edit —
Found it: wireless-adapter-compatibility-list-t2150-10.html#p14727

Thank you. I tried following the steps in that link and it did not work. Ideas?

Starting from scratch again! I will post my results

It all works. The fresh install helped!