Fix for certain errors when mounting a Windows 7 share

If you are getting the following errors when trying to mount a Windows 7 share then try the fix procedures below.


These two errors occur, one on the Linux box and the other on the Windows box when performing a mount as in this example: mount -t cifs //192/168.1.21/Repository/Audio/Test /mnt/MUSIC -o username=john,password=doe

(1) Linux error “mount error(12) Cannot allocate memory”
(2) Windows error “srv nonpaged pool error 2017”

Fix procedure:

On the Windows 7 box set the following two registry values then restart the box. These values cause the Windows 7 server service to allocate resources appropriate for file serving.

HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\LargeSystemCache=1


You get “mount error(13): Permission denied” on the Linux box.

This can be caused by a password that has characters that are parsed as delimiters or other special command characters instead of part of the password. For example the semicolon character at the end of this password, abcdefg; will cause the error.

The temporary fix is to enclose the password in single quotes when entering it in the WebUI. Long term fix is to change the underlying code to include the single quotes around the entered password.