First Volumio Streamer

Hi all,

This is my first Volumio Dedicated Streamer Project. This project is still ongoing and is currently test phase.

Standalone streamer, Display with Track information, neat case, IR, Regulated PSU (inboard)

Parts used:

  • Old Motorola VIP1863 HDTV Decoder, case only (I’ve several of these laying around not being used anymore, so this is a great starting point)
  • Todorial 2x 6.5V 4.16A Transformer
  • LM7805 Based step down regulator (25A Rectifier Bridge, 2x 3300uf Elco’s input capacitor & 1x 0.15 uf output capacitor)
  • Raspberry Pi B
  • HifiBerry Digi
  • 2x 10K Potentiometer (LCD Contrast + LCD Backlight)
  • 16x2 Negative Backlight LCD HD44780 White on Black

Work in progress:
Took the Motorola apart, Build in the Transformer and the Pi, Attached the LCD. I’ve placed the 7805 directly to the chassis (With some thermal grease) so the heat dissipation won’t be any problem, The Bridge Rectifier is also pannel mounted, but as it is an heavy 25A, I don’t think heat will be any problem here. I currently use one 5v power rail for the Pi, Hifiberry and the LCD. In the future I’ll separate these to the 2nd 5v power rail.

I’ve used the original SPDIF & L/R Output bracket which I passed true to the Pi (SPDIF Coaxial only for the moment). I’ve attached a IEC Connector to the back pannel, so that the PSU cord is detachable. On the back of the IEC Connector is a small filter.
I’ve made a window in the front of the unit for the display, unfortunately the display isn’t bright enough, so reading the text ain’t gonna work if the LCD is placed directly behind the dark transparant front of the unit.

To do:

  • Replace the display with an 20x4 OLED, hopefully this is much brighter than the LCD. So using a front without a window is possible. This makes the compete streamer much more slicker.
  • Separate the power rails.
  • Add IR receiver
  • Add RJ45 Panel mount to the back panel
  • Add Power On/Off button.
  • If done, replace the back panel with a decent one
  • What else come’s in mind :slight_smile:

I currently used the Streamer connected to a Musical Fidelity V-DAC-II, which connects it to my NAD T763/216THX.




Nice Project! it seems pro equipment.