First try need help

Ok first time here. I have got the sd card in with Volumio on it into Raspberry Pi 3. I dont have ethernet available. I have it hooked hdmi to a monitor. Powered up and on the screen it reads

Raspbian GNU/Linux 8 volumio ttyl

volumio login:

Not sure what to do now.

What I am trying to do is have it attached to an external hd w/flac files and also a usb dac going to my stereo. Want to play music etc.



ok I hooked the rasberry into router via ethernet and then went to volumio.local. I am setting up the audio output. How can I set it to an USB Dac? It says Do you have an is2Dac which I dont and then the only other option is Audio jack. No option for my HRT II Streamer USB Dac. Stuck again. Help!

ok I have it playing, Cant control the volume etc but working on it. Lol.

With an external usb DAC, why do you use this solution?
Why not a computer with a good audio library manager ?

Wanted a dedicated music server. I use the same laptop for work etc. Also less CPU noise. Etc. Still having issues with this thing. Not able to connect now… Ugh.

Now I am having issues connecting to Volumio.local. I keep on getting dns server not found. Starting to get a bit annoyed

Starting to think you are right here. Having issues w/Volumio and 2 tb of music. It is failing. Luckily it all was a cheap experiment and still kinda cool.