First title does not play

Please see the image first, this is from the browser Volumio console.

This is Volumio3 (which I would pay to uninstall).
The server is Asset UPnP: NAS running from Synology NAS. Set FLAC play as WAV.

Selecting the first song plays the second title. Basically there is no way to play the first title. It does not happen always, but often enough. The tags in my view are set correctly.

Also, when playing FLAC as WAV (set on the server side) the current (playing now) title displays as some sort of a hash. Again, there is no way of knowing which title is playing.

The other Volumio (v.2.873) plays perfectly fine, but only when controlled via HiFi Cast (or any other app to that effect).

Do not know if anyone else shares the same experience but it is very consistent for me. Perhaps it has to do with titles, but I can’t even imagine which attribute it could be. The same titles are streamed perfectly fine to Matrix Audio and Cambridge CXN v2 streamer/players.

I recommend to mount your nas from settings, this is the best way to play files from nas

None works; neither cifs nor nfs. The message is too fast to capture, least to say read. I tried to mount it in the past, also different NAS box, always failed. So I gave up.