First Project


First off I just wanted to say that I love the idea of Volumio and it was the first thing flashed to an SD card once my Raspberry Pi arrived for Christmas. Thank you to everyone who has put in such hard work to make it happen :smiley:.

So far I have two project ideas in mind. First a high quality dedicated source and DAC for a BottleHead Crack OTL headphone amp (I’m not sure which headphones to pair it with currently but I think I’ll just take it to a headphone shop and test it out with lots).

The second project, and the one I would like so more help with, is the beginnings of a multi room system. So far I have ordered a HiFiBerry, I figure that given it is taking the I2S straight from the CPU it’s value must be pretty good.

I also need an amp, some preliminary Googling has led me to believe that something like this: (2 X 15Watt Class D Audio Amplifier Board - TA2024)

Would be a good amp, is this correct? I’m not looking for anything super amazing, just something able to provide nice ambient music. Once I’ve decided on the amp I’ll start researching speakers.

Will this need a volume control or will I be able to use the software volume in Volumio?

Many thanks for any help, this is my first project with electronics or a Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:.

That’s an excellent Amp… With few tweaks this little board is somehow magic… Please bear in mind that it has just 6 watts on 8 ohms, but in most cases they are sufficient…
You don’t need a volume pot, since Volumio can take care of Volume. But I definetely suggest a preamplifier with that board, it improves the sound by a lot. And I mean a lot!

So if I am understanding this correctly that amp with two of these speakers: … ker-60.asp

Would be more than capable of filling a bathroom with sound?

What would you recommend I look into in terms of a pre-amp for this board? i had thought that a pre-amp dealt with volume and source selection primarily. If Volumio can handle the volume and it won’t have any other sources then I don’t know what else a pre-amp does =S