First netwotk streamer project VolPi

I want to use this thread as a base for my first volumio rpi4 based network streamer.
I will use

  1. Waveshare 4.3 inch dsi display
  2. Rpi4
  3. External USB dac
  4. Internal 15w meanwell PS.
    5 on/off button
  5. 2 Led, 4 buttons and USB input on front.
  6. Rear will have classic ouot connector, hdmi, rj45, USB psu. Etc.
    Do you think I should add on left and right also led bar to have a vumeter?
    Any ideas are welcomed.

What will be the best option to power on the rpi4:

  1. Buy a meanwell 15w 5v psu
    . How do you connect from unit to rpi4 USB cable?
  2. Mount an internal usb charger wich is directly conected to 220v connector from panel
  3. Other solution?

If you meant to a linear PSU, then 15w will not be enough because their efficiency are very low. they are also very expensive, and if you are planning to use a USB HDD you will need the maximum power . The only advantage is if you are planning to put inside an internal DAC , the linear PSU has less noise side effects to the analogue circuits that can effect the sound .

If not, I advise you to use a simple usb 3A 5V “charger” you can alway convert it to an external psu in the future


Thanks a lot for the answer
Regarding Power in the pi. What do tou think it will be better

  1. to mount on rear panel a DC power jack connected to the rpi via cable and then use an external psu 3a 5v or :
    2.mount inside the 3a 5v psu and in the rear panel to mount the 220v socket with a fuse?