First installation

###Good evening guys, again here to ask you for help, I can’t access Volumio, I formatted the sd card with sd formatter and wrote the image file with whale Hetcher, I inserted the sd card in the raspberry, waited for the fees 10 minutes, checked by router dobe volumio is recognized and the ip assigned, but I can’t start it, I don’t know why, typing volumio.local and the assigned ip. Thanks for the help# Volumio Information

Volumio Version:


take balena etcher and try again

Already done several times but nothing

didn’t know that whales hetch?

Sorry balena etcher, my english Is bed

did you use wifi or cable? i would advice cable to setup and later turn to wifi if you want.

I use cable

In the sd card i have this, is ok.

that’s only your boot drive there are 2 more ext4 linux partitions.
can you go to your broswer and see if it boots ?
http:// your ip

Done but it won’t start

do you have a other sd card laying around ? it should normaly boot.
what is your set up i don’t know what your using ect. to get a picture what where dealing with. can you connect it to a screen?

The procedures are as follows

formating the sd is not needed… what sort of pi do you have? is this windows on pictures?
maybe your image is corrupt try a other image too.

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