Fine controlling database update

Hello, I’m on Volumio v2.114 now and I find it very good, the way it works out of the box speaks to me of how much work has been put into this project.
However, I like to tinker with it :slight_smile:

What I’m searching for is a way to tell Volumio which partitions are to be scanned when performing a db update and which are to be let alone.
The reason is simple, my Volumio serves other files other than music (after all, it is running 24/7) and I don’t want a db update triggered when it’s not necessary, nor having directories scanned which I don’t want to be listed (e.g. my backup partition, which duplicates all my music).

I noticed that /etc/udisks-glue.conf triggers the database update whenever a given type of filesystem (fat/ntfs/ext/…) is mounted/unmounted.
Also I see those symlinks in /var/lib/mpd/music which reference the mountpoints to scan (as it is, everything that is usb-mounted)
I can maybe mess with them and find a way to discriminate. Will any change here be persistent (reboot persistent? upgrade persistent?)
There are other ways to achieve that?

My point is, maybe this particular need of mine could be of more general interest. I am aware that an audiophile application of a music player shouldn’t perform other tasks, but there surely are many others implementations of Volumio which arent’t strictly audiophile.

I second this as well, it’s a pity that everyone using usb drives has to wait every single time that the library is updated from the ground up.

Moreover, volumio isn’t unmounting / power-off the drives in a respectful way (i.e., when you click on shutdown it basically cuts the power regardless of what the drive is doing). Right now, I had to create a script I have to run from ssh and which unmounts the USB drive partition(s), then eject them the right way before finally shutting down the system. Such a thing should be integrated in the routine since a while but well.

Back to the topic: I’ve tried to mess up with mpd.conf, udisks-glue.conf but it’s like volumio is doing everything on it’s own.

I have a massive library which doesn’t get updated that often, please staff give us an option to manually update the library.