Finding new albums

I have just connected my usb HD to my new Volmio and first thing I did was to look for the last batch of albums I put on it. Sadly I cant find a way of searching for new albums. So my question is, is this possible. I’d appreciate any help whatsoever. Thanks All

If they’re not appearing in your library automatically, then try a manual update of your files (Settings > Sources).

Hi thanks for the fast reply👍.
Sorry maybe my description was wrong.
What I’d like is to see the last batch of albums I loaded up onto my drive.
What I get is my albums in alphabetical order. It’s no big deal, but I just like listening to the new stuff, so if I can find them quickly without thinking, that’s would be really useful to me,do you know if this is possible?
Hope this is a bit clearer, thanks

OK, now I understand :slight_smile:

Sorry, but it is not possible to do what you would like in a simple search manner. One possibility that might work, but is far from ideal, would be to append something like ‘new’ to each album … then you could search for ‘new’. It’d be a lot of messing around, but you might find it worthwhile.

Hi, thanks again for your help it’s very much appreciated.

It would have been nice to have been able to do this, however, because I now can have my music in my car and caravan, I’m more than happy.
I’ve also found out that by using jetaudio and VLC apps, I can get my music streaming from my phone, so that means I can listen through my BT headphones. So I’m delighted but thanks for your support. Great bit of kit👍