Find out if sound is playing via SSH

Is there a way to see if music is playing using SSH please? I can swap SSH keys to bypass logins but is there a file / folder I can query to say “Music is playing” etc


From the CLI you can query the playback status by executing volumio status.
The output will look somewhat like this (I subsotuted most of the actual data with “…”):

          "status": "stop",
          "position": 0,
          "title": "...",
          "artist": "...",
          "album": "...",
          "albumart": "/albumart?cacheid=2...",
          "uri": "...",
          "trackType": "...",
          "seek": ...,
          "duration": ...,
          "samplerate": "... kHz",
          "bitdepth": "... bit",
          "channels": ...,
          "random": null,
          "repeat": null,
          "repeatSingle": false,
          "consume": false,
          "volume": ...,
          "disableVolumeControl": false,
          "mute": false,
          "stream": "...",
          "updatedb": false,
          "volatile": false,
          "service": "mpd"

The first key “status” reveals if Volumio is playing music.

Brilliant. Thank you !!!

I made this in PowerShell if people want to use (requires installation of plink):

while ($true)
    $status = plink -batch -ssh username@servername -P 22 -pw yourpassword "volumio status | grep status | grep -o play"
    if ($status -eq 'play') {
        echo "Volumio is playing"
    else {
        echo "not playing"

    Start-Sleep 3
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