Files on USB not visible

When I connect a flash drive to the Pi the music files on it are not visible, neither on the app nor on the web interface.
The flash drive has Apple and Windows lossless files, and when I connect it to my PC (running Windows 10) they are there.
Any suggestions on how to get the Pi read the file so I can enjoy my music?
Thank you.

I can’t reproduce this on a RPi3 with Volumio v2.146. The tracks (Apple lossless m4a) are shown (& play) in my ‘Music Library’ under ‘USB.’

Do you have a ‘USB’ entry in your music library with the flash drive connected?

Can you ssh into your RPi and look at the result of ‘ls /mnt’

After the Pi did not read the USB I plugged it into my PC to make sure the files were there. It said ‘you need to format the drive’.
Should I have formatted the drive to FAT32 before I transferred my music files to it so the Pi can read it?
I can ssh but first I need to connect it to my TV. Right not it’s next to my receiver as I only intend to use it as DAC.
Thank you for your help (and patience with my silly questions).

It sounds like there is a problem with your usb stick.

FAT32 is fine. I think you will probably need to install a driver if you want to use NTFS…was this the format for the problem USB stick?

Thanks for the info.
Yes, the USB stick was formatted NTFS.
I will have some time this weekend to work on this.

I’ve meet the same problem as you did. And I’m quite sure that Rpi3 have enough power supply. I just went to “MY MUSIC”,and updated the database, then it works well.