File transfer via command line?

Hello. I’ve looked around and I can’t find an answer, so I would appreciate any help.

I have over 100GBs of music to transfer. I don’t want to bog down network and occupy a computer for long period of time with network transfer. So I am trying to transfer locally via command line. I’ve found a couple directories that may be destinations: mnt and data (both have INTERNAL). Which is correct?

With the correct location, could I then just navigate there and perform the following command: cp *.aiff /media/FLASHDRIVE? Thanks

Hi Tapper,

I did use the same command as you suggested last week and it did work. I put the files in /data/INTERNAL and they show up in both folders now (/mnt/… and /data…) and I can play the files through UI. I don’t know if it works the other way around.
Good luck.

Thanks. Somehow I accidentally managed to copy the files to the home directory and then had to move them back to data. UI recognizes now. The difference between transferring locally and via network (last time) was over 20 hours.