FiiO Q3 and Pi4

My next newbie question:

I own a FiiO Q3 which I used for my mobile (Android). Qobuz and USB Audio Player Pro deliver (for my demands) excellent sound. But this setup is not really “mobile”. So I purchased a dongle as more convenient and also excellent solution.

Now my issue:

First of all: The Q3 is not listed as a DAC in the connectivity list. Is that already the stop?
If not: The FiiO has only one USB-C input. For both data and charging. A switch is on board to decide “Charge only” (to avoid that the DAC sucks power from the mobile device) and “Charge and data”. If I connect the Pi4 via USB with the FiiO will the Pi deliver enough power for battery AND the onboard headphone amp of the FiiO?

Reason is quite simple. I got a new “headphone chair” near the gear and I could use my headphones with ballanced 4,4mm sockets.

Maybe someone tried it or has a specialist opinion.

Thank you for your interest,


Postscript: Of course I can try. But I am lazy and it would be a time and sweat intensive action to do the installation. So…maybe I am lucky :wink: