Few issues I'm having. Looking for suggestions.

Thank in advance for any help you have for me.

I compete in high end car audio sound quality compititions and have neared the pear of sonic Nirvana with pi3b+ and hifi berry dac + pro.

Been using this in my car now for a few days and have some frustrating issues.

1: if I play a track from within a folder/album it plays one song and stops. Or plays it for 1 min or so and stops out of nowhere. I’ve hit the 3 buttons on the folder and hit play… clear and play and same thing. If I make the folder an playlist… Hit the big play icon it’s better but don’t dare touch a diff track as that will stop after that song. Supppppper hard to do any of that while driving.

2:. I can’t connect to the volumio within windows to try to put my music on the internal folder of the SD. Just says there was an error in windows. Thought that that may help with files stopping from USB sticks. (I’ve tried 2 diff ones)

3 tidal and qobuz only show a handful of play lists.

  1. If I can sort these out I’d like to make a more permanent solution in the car for a screen. I do not want to use the official pi screen as it won’t fit at all. Is there code to use a basic 7inch touch?