Feeding volumio with music/casts

Hi there,

At the moment my whole my music is living within itunes.
The music files are mirrored to google music. I do not have paid access to spotify.

I am not shure how to transfer my music to volumio or access the cloud music.

One way could be to put the mSD from my RPi3 to my mac to transfer those music. As the access to the RPi’s mSD uses plenty of time, I would prefer to transfer it via ftp. Does volumio offer this possibility?

Or, does someone know a way to access my google play oder amazon music without an android device?

As my NAS consumes 30 Watts permanently, I do not want to have it running the whole day.

Music transfer from the Cloud to an SD card is not a part of Volumio’s function.

Unfortunately these services are not currently supported by Volumio (although they have already been requested as plugins).

No, don’t wanted to transfer music from cloud to sd card. I want to transfer music from my mac via ftp to the sd card.

A plugin supporting amazon or google music would be very great. Running a NAS just for the functio as a music server seems to be not a good solution to me.

One additional question, please: does volumio support podcasts ? Adding the podcast stream to webradio seems to be not working properly.

You can plug an SD card reader into your Mac and copy the files directly. I’ve had some issues with SD cards failing, and instead use a USB thumb drive. I’ve had good luck with a Rasp Pi 3 and two USB drives plugged directly into the PI. With a Pi 2, I had issues with a Wifi dongle, and USB drive, and maybe a wireless keyboard(?) – I assumed it was power related and a powered USB hub fixed all.

Coming out of iTunes may be an issue. Last time I extracted music from iTunes, I had to do some stuff to reorganize and relabel everything. I don’t know if that’s still the case. My memory is I was going to use Picard, but that importing them into Rhythm Box (default Ubuntu music player) did most of the work for me.

Volumio is great. Easily worth the effort to migrate.