Feed Music from a NAS library into a Whole House Audio System

I’m a new pi and Volumio user from New Hampshire, USA. I wanted to access a music library on a Synology NAS and feed it into a Crestron whole house audio system. I was looking for something that would provide most of the capability out of the box, including getting accessing other internet music sources, and that I could then do additional customizations to improve the integration with the WHA system.

It’s my first pi based project so I selected a HW bundle from HiFiBerry with a Pi 4 and a DAC2 HD. I learned about Volumio from their web page. It seemed to have the right amount of OOTB capability to get me going, a number of additional features that I might want in the future and a choice of 2 APIs for the integration.

I’m up and playing music in a day. The HW assembled easily and the SW setup was mostly straight forward.
There was one thing that confused me: I tried to access my NAS music share by adding a Network Drive in Sources. It couldn’t find my NAS by scanning, by name or by IP. However, when I selected Media Server, my NAS was sitting there and all the music, photo and video shares were automatically listed. I don’t understand why it could see it as a media server but not as a NAS that I could select shares from. I have much to learn.


Hi nhh2oskr, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

You should definitely be able to find your NAS share, assuming that you have the correct IP address and path to the share. Scanning by name can be hit and miss (I have never got it to work for my system, but plenty of people do). Adding a network drive is done by using the CIFS or NFS file sharing protocols, whichever (or both) you have set up on your NAS.

The files seen under your Media Server are those served up by a separate program you have running on your NAS, using some other protocal such as DLNA.

Thanks for the quick feedback confirming that I should find my NAS share as a source. I know that the IP address is correct so the issue must be something I’m doing wrong in the path or the FS protocol. I’ll explore that today. And, yes, I do have a media server program running on the NAS. It is left over from a previous method I was using for access.

OK… after a lot of reading and trying various combinations of path formats, cifs, nfs and options, I was able to find and mount my NAS using its network name, path = Music/Library, cifs, options=vers3.0. Now onto more playing and learning.