Feature Request: password for settings, manual mpd.conf

It’s a rare event for me to speak as “voice of the people”, but with a forum section title like that, I’ll give it a try: :wink:

While I really like what I found in Volumio (great webinterface, well-performing software, low overhead, good standards compatibility, wonderful usability, surprisingly high wife-acceptance-factor), there are a few things I am currently missing and that I hope might be feasible enough to be added some time in a coming release:

As my Volumio webinterface is exposed to all the computers on the network that are supposed to use the software, the settings are exposed as well. That also means that my seven year old can mess around with my MPD and network setup from his tablet. While he’s not really a “malevolent attacker” he’s … well … seven years old. It’s just a matter of time until he gets adventurous and … gone is my setup. Therefore my request: Could some master of the code add a feature to set up a password for the settings screens of Volumio?
(Also: Yes, I’ve got a backup of my MPD.conf. :slight_smile:)

My second request is less urgent but also interesting for me as a tinkerer: I do understand that Volumio needs to re-write the mpd.conf for easy setup. However, would it be possible to add a section in the mpd.conf that remains unchanged by webinterface? Maybe there could be some markers (lots of “#” or keywords and of course it would void the “warranty” - but we config-file junkies could happily add some features (like “httpd” output) to our mpd configurations that normal users don’t need.

Thanks for considerung my suggestions! :slight_smile:

both request are on the suggest a feature list^^
currently much work is done on the backend of the system.

you can try out this diy tweak: https://volumio.org/forum/user-authentication-t2464.html for the password protection