Favourites Radio in Volumio 2.575 error

I add a radio without problems, it appears in my list of radios.
When I restart, I do not see them anymore. The file “my-web-radio” that is in Data/Favorites changed to the previous version but with a current date.
It will be a bug of the version?


Any idea about this?

I have the same problems, also with playlists. I read somewhere they are working on it.
I hope soon because it’s very annoying.

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Any idea please, it’s very annoying.


Did you check if updating to v2.587 does fix this for you ?

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Me to, if I have the time.
I check with a fresh image, if not work
Then I go looking for a old version.
And wait when it all the problems are fixed.

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Hello, I am running 2.587. I added a couple of webradios to the my stations and the favorites list in webradio, but after a reboot the list falls back to a smaller list wich I made (afaik) before I updated volumino.
Greeteings, gekow

It is a known problem.
For mouths there radio problems and with the play lists. It will be nice if Volumio team come with a working solution or update.

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Ok… I was hoping it is just something simple like a write protected directory somewhere :frowning:

I think I found a workaround for my “My Stations” problem… If you edit and save one of the stations in that list, Volumino doesn’t overwite the old, but creates a new entry in the list wich sems to stay even after power off :wink:

Worked great until I signed in. I have a free account and dont really have a need to sign in. Just a habit. Has anyone figured this out or am I the only one who loses their Webradio favorites after restart or login?