Favorites Tidal not working

Just upgraded to Virtuoso, for the Tidal integration. Right off the bat, it’s already going south.

All my Favorites disappeared, The one item in my favorites I cannot remove even after I click the three dots and select “Remove from favorites” It never removes.

I also can’t add anything from Tidal to Favorites, it works from Spotify sporadically.

Additionally, when I select a song in Tidal it plays the one right before it never plays the song I click on, I just have to remember to click the song I don’t want to hear if I want to hear the correct song.

Running Version 2.873

Here is a live log where I select a Tidal song then add to favorites compared to Spotify (When it works)


info: Adding tidal://song/149131503 to favourites with specific tidal method

info: Adding spotify:track:7l2tmgUhV7Y2aJHjiszifg to favourites using generic method
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: spop , getTrack
info: Saving Cloud item favourites
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: my_volumio , saveCloudItem
info: Pushing Favourites {“uri”:“spotify:track:7l2tmgUhV7Y2aJHjiszifg”,“favourite”:true}

Hi. Same issue here. Any update on this?

For tidal and qobuz, the favourites does not go to “Favourites” section which is what one would expect. Instead you have to navigate to tidal section and select “Tracks”, from there you can see the tidal favourites.

Thanks, Joni.
Actually, it works as you say for tacks, for Tidal and for Qobuz. The issue I have is when I try to add an album in a list as result of a query. In that case, I can see the heart to add to favorites, but even it tells me that it is added, this doesn’t. Only works for albums when they appear in list suggested by the own platform, such as “Album recommended” or similar, in that case, no problem, but the result of the queries go for other code branch and don’t work as expected.
The same behaviour is with playlist.