Favorites Tidal not working

Just upgraded to Virtuoso, for the Tidal integration. Right off the bat, it’s already going south.

All my Favorites disappeared, The one item in my favorites I cannot remove even after I click the three dots and select “Remove from favorites” It never removes.

I also can’t add anything from Tidal to Favorites, it works from Spotify sporadically.

Additionally, when I select a song in Tidal it plays the one right before it never plays the song I click on, I just have to remember to click the song I don’t want to hear if I want to hear the correct song.

Running Version 2.873

Here is a live log where I select a Tidal song then add to favorites compared to Spotify (When it works)


info: Adding tidal://song/149131503 to favourites with specific tidal method

info: Adding spotify:track:7l2tmgUhV7Y2aJHjiszifg to favourites using generic method
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: spop , getTrack
info: Saving Cloud item favourites
info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: my_volumio , saveCloudItem
info: Pushing Favourites {“uri”:“spotify:track:7l2tmgUhV7Y2aJHjiszifg”,“favourite”:true}