Fast way to mount Nas share when Nas booted after Volumio

Here is the use case:

Volumio is setup up for reading files from a network share
Sometimes, the share is not ready when Volumio starts and, then, Volumio has not mounted the share.

Volumio boots.
Oops the Nas was not up
Nas boots
Volumio has not mounted the Nas share

[size=85]Seen on volumio.local/plugin/miscellanea-my_music[/size]

Is there any fast way to mount the Nas share? (ie not rebooting Volumio)

Many thanks to any idea

Self Answer:

Go ssh to the Volumio host
Then stop and start the service with vstop and vstart commands.
Dont use vrestart, that wont mount the share

[code]ssh volumio@volumio.local

passwd and co.

nice banner

volumio@volumio:~$ volumio vstop
volumio@volumio:~$ volumio vstart