failure to use db proxy plugin + connect from ext. client

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using latest volumo2 -> is it possible to use volumio with along with the mpd database proxy plugin? I tried but I did not get any response ie. db-list from the master mpd server (which works, I tried unter Linux on a different computer). To match the same path I made a symbolic link from the mounted smb share to /var/lib/mpd/music/ to match exactly the same folder structure as it is on the master server.

But starting volumio it did not find anything.

changes done to /etc/mpd.conf:

#db_file “/var/lib/mpd/tag_cache” #disable data base as external server does this
database {
plugin “proxy”
host “$HOST-IP”
port “6600”

The configuration with the external mpd master server works, I tried out on a different computer with mpd.

While trying to connect to volumio via external mpd client to see whether the mpd instance itself works with the proxy plugin -> it seems this is not possible. It was not possible to connect to mpd on volumio from an external mpd client. /etc/mpd.conf lists:

bind_address “any”

but I also tried with the IP of volumio - a config that works on different computers without any problems. To get more details, I searched for a mpd logfile, but strangely it was not filled with logs. /etc/mpd.conf lists:

log_file “/var/log/mpd/mpd.log”

but it was neither there nor filled with logs.

Is this a general problem - does it require any further switches? I even rebooted and the changes are permanent (files are properly located under volumio_data/dyn/etc/mpd.conf on SD card 3rd partition even after reboot, so that should not be a problem.

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I have a similar problem:

  • mpd server on file server
  • volumio /etc/mpd.conf configured to use it:
music_directory			"smb://"

database {
    plugin "proxy"
    host ""

Using mpc on the commandline from the volumio machine works fine, but volumio is confused when trying to add a file, from /var/log/volumio.log:

2017-04-01T18:36:32.634Z - info:  uri=music-library/Black Box - Ride on Time.mp3, title=Black Box - Ride on Time.mp3, service=mpd
2017-04-01T18:36:32.642Z - info: First index is 0
2017-04-01T18:36:32.648Z - info: ADDING THIS ITEM TO QUEUE: {"uri":"music-library/Black Box - Ride on Time.mp3","title":"Black Box - Ride on Time.mp3","service":"mpd"}
2017-04-01T18:36:32.661Z - info: Exploding uri music-library/Black Box - Ride on Time.mp3 in service mpd
2017-04-01T18:36:32.694Z - info: ----------------------------/mnt/Black Box - Ride on Time.mp3

How can I avoid that volumio adds the “/mnt” prefix to my files?

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