"failed to open alsa" on volumio 3.165

Hi, installed 3.165 Volumio version yesterday, played a little with Spotify and music from pen drive. Installed Tidal Source today and “failed to open alsa” message appears. Can’t hear anything anymore, from what ever source. Unistalled and Installed I2s and same result. I’m running a pi4 plus allo digione transport. Any help appreciated!

I have the same error after restarting system. It worked fine on set up.

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Please get in touch with the dedicated support for all MyVolumio issues :slight_smile:

The same thing happened to me and I was able to fix it by booting from system to factory settings. I have the doubt if the problem occurs when we reproduce files of different sources and resolutions


Thanks, but tried that without results.

I will try that, thanks Jacinto

On the spot Jacinto!!! Gracias!

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I seem to have solved my issue for now. I decided to play back through the headphone socket on the Pi which worked. Then I reverted back to the the DAC and no more alsa failure message. I have restarted system and still working well. Just need to transfer my playlists across from backup and sort a couple of album images.


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Had to do a shutdown to move Pi. Am now back to alsa failed to open error message with failed to open alsa device “volumio: no such device again.
Headphones work as output device but switching to allo boss DAC leads to failure. Pity as playlists now imported and sound was good.

Anybody got suggestion ?
System is Pi4, with alloboss DAC and Pi remote shutdown board.

There is a newer version 3.173 image if you download from the volumio site direct, it may help with your issue.

When I updated from pi direct I got an older version and did encounter some ALSA issues so formatted SD card and downloaded new image from volumio website and flashed, all works ok for me after that.

Ok I think I have isolated my problem. After tinkering on I decided to methodically remove anything that was not necessary for the system to operate. I first changed the status of the Pi remote plugin to inactive. Did a restart of the system and hey it works. I have not changed anything else yet so the issue seems to between the DAC hat and the Pi remote board- or at least the plugin, as the switch still works.
Not sure if this helps anybody else but hope so. Back to the music.


Ps. I am on the latest 3.173