Failed to Open "alsa" msg


I’m not able to play music anymore.
After numerous of resets I keep getting an Error message.
Please refer to the attachment.

More people getting this message? Anyone knows what to do?

Thank you!


Try removing the i2c device, reboot, and then set it correctly again.

Hey great thank you!

I was just restarting and testing the system without playing the music. It seems I have to switch on the I2C/I2S USB device.



Hi, I have got the same message. Hardware = Pi Zero W and justboom zero amp. I have been tinkering for hours but get it not to work. I am a newbee to Linux so the error message does not mean anything to me. I have been searching for this error and it seems it happens more.
Please can someone tel me what to or put me in the right direction. Thanks in advance