Fail to decode DTS in WAV format

I’m new to Volumio, like the neat UI especially support of cue, however, latest version VERSION: 2.526 fail to decode DTS music ripped in WAV format. (Didn’t test previous version). The same music files can be decoded by Moodeaudio, I suspect it’s a bug in MPD which Volumio deploys with a different version and decoder cfg to Moodeaudio.

Could someone help to fix in next release?


I’m having the same issue with a number of albums that are .wav files encoded with dts. I’m playing through HDMI connected to a Sony amplifier (STRD A 5400ES) using the latest build (volumio-2.599-2019-08-02-pi.img).
I have used the same Pi with MoOde recently which seems to work ok on most if not all the same files. Obviously, I prefer to use Volumio hence this note.

I’d appreciate any information on this (if it is an) issue and how one can correct it.

Many thanks.

I have same problem. :frowning:

I have same problem with hdmi and dts wav file. I heard only rumor. There’s no news?