Extract artist/titles from Music Library

I have a serious question about how to extract a list of all my music stored in the library of my volumio.

The background is, that I unfortunately deleted all my music by accident from my NAS.
Tried to recover etc. but no way… so this is gone.

But as I had a lot of music, where I don´t know the Artist and the Album Titel etc. because I just recorded it from online radio or found by cover art etc. I wil never be able to re collect all of that cool music.

So my idea was, that volumio still has all titles in the database and shows every Album and Title I have aver stored on my NAS.

I would love to extract these titles from the database or the data file. I am a C and C# developer, so it seems to be no problem, if I knew where the data is stored.

Can anyone help me?

Best regards

So, what I found about the storage of the database is, that it is using Google LevelDB Database.

But I am the old fashioned relational SQL Database guy and would need some help how to read the values from LevelDB… should be easy if one knows how to do it… but I don’t want to damage anything…

Is there anybody who can help with reading all keys/values from leveldb ?

What about the developement team?
There should be someone who can help me.

I would start by making a backup of the database first. From there, you can make a second copy to try with on your normal workstation, or use the copy on the Pi to extract the data.

Edit: I dug into it a bit again. The documentation indeed says that Volumio uses LevelDB, not sure for what though. The music library is MPD’s library. The file can be found at ‘/var/lib/mpd/tag_cache’.
According to MPD documentation it should be a flat text file, but for some reason I cannot decipher mine. But this should be your way to go I guess.

Other idea: why not use the Volumio UI to list all your music?