External USB DVD drive not working after update

First, thanks for the awesome software!

I am using volumio on my raspberry pi3b, with Allo boss 1.2. This unit directly drives a parasound zamp power amp. Music stored on NAS.

For a long time i was not able to hookup a USB drive to play CD’s. However, this started working a couple of months ago.

Unfortunately with the 2.586 udate, this functionality is gone again. I just updated to 2.587 and I still cannot see my DVD drive in the home screen.

If I restart volumio the DVD drive starts as well, I do not think it is broken.

Suggestions on configuring my system or is this functionality something that was lost with the update?

Any pointers are greatly appreciated!

Hi Jurgen,

Did you try uninstalling the plugin - then do a reboot (important) and after that reinstall the plugin and reboot again ?

Sometimes it happens that the plugin is still shown as installed after uninstalling and rebooting.
In this case ssh to your device,
cd /data/plugins/music_service/
sudo rm -r nanosound_cd
reboot again and the retry to install.

I did quite a lot of testing with this plugin and it always helped me to get it working again.
Also no issues with version v2.586 or 2.587

Best Regards

Hi Josef,

Am not using a plugin… The DVD drive showed up as USB device.

Will try the plugin now.



Hi Jurgen,

To understand what you want… Did you use the drive to feed data files (wav,flac, mp3 etc.) or do you want to play CDDA audio discs ?


Are you on virtuoso or superstar plan? CD playback is available with a myvolumio subscription

Josef, I was playing regular CD’s.

Michelangelo, no I am on the regular free version of Volumio. Has the functionality to play CD through an USB drive been removed?