External USB CD player

I’m new to Volumio and interested in using it, possibly on a ready-to-go Allo Boss Player, or maybe a Pi-based unit I put together myself…

I totally get that I can turn a ‘standard amp & speaker’ setup into a system that will be able to stream my FLAC and MP3 files from my NAS/RAID box, among many other things I don’t care about, but I have not found anything definitive in these forums about external USB-CD player support on the BOSS unit…

Clearly the Pi itself can support a USB CD player (and writer), as will any ‘normal’ Linux distribution, but does Volumio also come with support for such a device? If so, does it have controls like “next track”, “play fast/slow”, which exist on, for example VLC, or on physical remote control for a normal CD player? - by which I mean a HiFi-style unit with RCA line-level outputs. I don’t care about grabbing track names or artwork from the internet (usually more trouble that it’s worth!), just functionality.

-> The problem I want to solve is to be able to occasionally play a ‘real’ CD through the BOSS onto my HiFi, because I no longer have a normal CD (or CD/DVD) player, and don’t want to have to rip the CD on one of my PCs to then copy it my NAS unit. Maybe a friend turns up with a CD, for example.

I’m thinking of using a very basic portable USB 3.0 CD/DVD player, not anything fancy, as I doubt the transport itself makes much difference to my preferences for sound quality - so long as it works without too many errors. I suspect the DAC is more important, and certainly the speakers - yes, I do like the bottom two octaves that most speakers never reproduce, being a live music old guy!

Anyway I digress - will Volumio and/or Boss/Allo do it for me or not?

As I understand CD player option is only available in paid version of volumio.
Sorry I was wrong, there is another possibility: NanoSound CD Plug-in
I not found it at first because it was in Music Services folder.
It really works and even gets CD info from web. It’s free for playback, upsampling and ripping is paid only.
Two things that I don’t like:
1.It installs hundreds of packages and takes ages to complete install. Most likely it installs all packages that are needed for paid version.
2.CD eject is buried in plugin settings page and on some CD drives it disables physical eject button even in pause state.