Extending rootfs partition on SD card

I recently ran into the problem that / was 100% occupied. I would like to extend this partition using the remaining space on my SD card.

I’ve tried a few things but so far nothing worked out for me. http://elinux.org/RPi_Resize_Flash_Partitions#Manually_resizing_the_SD_card_using_a_GUI_on_Linux failed using gparted in Fedora 21. This one http://elinux.org/RPi_Resize_Flash_Partitions#Manually_resizing_the_SD_card_on_Raspberry_Pi also failed.

I know that it would be interesting to see the log of boot sequence but that would require a TV/monitor which I don’t have. Any ideas what usually fails during resizing?


I used the same as per your link and is working fine for me. What error you encounter ?

That’s the problem. My PI is not connected to any display. I know, that’s insane because it makes troubleshooting impossible.

By now, all I can say is that the PI does not boot into Volumio after resizing.

I will have to connect a monitor in the next days…

You should be able to SSH to the pi without any monitor as long as is still online on your network

Not when Pi fails to boot due to partition or filesystem error, or or or…