Exporting/ Importing/ Saving "My Web Radios"

My Hardware: Raspi 2 with Hifiberry Dac (without +)
My Software: Volumio 2.246 / 2.285

I worked with v2.246 an saved a lot of Web Radio Stations at “My Web Radios”.
Then i made a big mistake: I touched a running System.
I checked up for Updates and the System found v 2.285.
After Update I started new, configurated by using First configuration Wizard.
But there was no music. Then i looked at the Playback Options and tested some configurations.
But no one worked. Last I tried: Factory Reset.

The System was resetted to v.2.246 and all my Web Radios where deleted. :blush:

My Question: How can i save a lot of time when doing the next Update? I didn’t find an Option to save my own “handsaved” Web Radios. Making a Backup of the SD-Card before Updating is the way to get a little security. It’s safe but not comfortable.

You can manually back up your saved web radios by saving the file ’ /data/favourites/my-web-radio’ from a SSH session, or you can use the ‘Backup & Restore Data’ plugin.

Dear chsims1,
thank you very much. I’m happy that there is an existing Plugin. SSH Session :confused: What’s that? Isn’t it working with Putty?

For non Unix geeks ! :wink:

Download and use WinSCP , copy /data/favourites to your Pc