Export Volumio Playlists?

Hi there,

i like the Volumio Playlists and want to use it in another environment.
But i can’t fint m3u or pls file on the volumio partition.

Where to get them in a nice playlist format for a minimal player?

Thx Tatoosh

same question!

Native playlists can be found at ‘/data/playlists.’

ok but somehow, i can’t have access to this root when the rpi is plugged.

All i have access to : usb, storage , and nas folders.

Sorry but i’m a real noob in linux stuff

Have a read about ‘ssh’, and then enable ssh as described here.

Thanks! Unfortunately this takes really too much handling…

Wouldn’t it be simpler to have a plugin for that? Volumio is a really awesome solution at home, but I’d love to be able to transfer my playlist to my Fiio Flac player back and forth to have a perfect image of both

Sure it would, but someone needs to write it :wink: Any offers?

Not offering, but while you’re at it, maybe include back and forth iTunes playlist conversion :unamused:
Should be do-able imho.


You can backup your playlists with the “Backup & Restore” Plugin. It is alreadyin Volumio Plugin repository.

  • Josef