Experimental Volumio Build for Raspberry PI 4

Dear Folks,
we’ve worked hard to bring Volumio to Raspberry PI 4 and we finally made it.
As all big changes, we would like to go with a small scale beta-testing before releasing the build for all PI users (to find and fix any possible hiccup of this new version, since it required us to change quite a lot of things).

So we kindly ask the brave among you to give it a spin, particularly we are interested:

  • Let us know if hotspot works (PI4 and any other pi models)
  • If MyVolumio works (TIDAL, QOBUZ etc)
  • If remote connection works
  • There is also an experimental fetures: audio inputs. Just connect any USB soundcard with an input (it can be a USB turntable, USB microphone, USB soundcard) and you will see a new icon pop in the sources menu. Just click on it and you will get sound from it.

NOTE: This release is not in the OTA update cycle, so you will be required to reflash your PI once we will release a new official version

Please let us know the results and give as much informations as possible (when possible, also upload logs and paste the link, see volumio.github.io/docs/User_Man … oting.html)

UPDATE: this special build is no longer necessary. Volumio supports PI4 from official builds


This is amazing timing. I researched Volumio this morning and found a Raspberry PI 4 at my local electronics shop as well as a HiFiBerry Dac+ RCA.

When I looked up whether the PI 4 was supported I found your post and it said (posted 7 minutes ago) - amazing!.

So I assembled everything, flashed the image and booted. Everything seemed fine at first glance. The only issue so far is that the volume control does not seem to work well / at all. It’s set to “Hardware” in the settings but changing has no effect - and sometime a bit of volume drop is noticeable when playing around. But it’s not really deterministic at this point.

Otherwise I’m quite impressed with this setup :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I enabled I2S and selected the correct HifiBerry model - now the volume control works as expected <3

That was a very fast turn around time. I will be trying tomorrow.

It works with audioquest dragonfly red.
80s 80s radio app works fine.
I can’t login to Spotify.
And it gets hot but that seems to be a raspberry pi 4 thing.
I hope this helps you.

It is working with Orchard Audio’s PecanPi DAC. Sounds great.

I just played files from a flash drive plugged directly into the Pi.

One thing I do see is when playing 24-bit files - the main screen says 32-bit instead of 24.

Thank you guys for the testing.
Would you mind using MyVolumio as well? (TIDAL, QOBUZ, CD player?)
We made some changes that do impact also those functionalitites

I signed in ok mainly because I wanted to see if it helped Spotify.
I’m not leaving my pi 4 on overnight because of the heat so I will try my volumio tomorrow. I will try cd player as well I’m only on the free subscription so I can’t test tidal.

You will need to get virtuoso plan to test the CD and Audio Input functions. You can do the free trial :wink:

I tried using a dvd drive using nanosound cd player. I got no sound and a alsa warning error. The disc span and the cd time moved like normal. I restarted the pi twice and it wouldn’t play radio or anything after trying to use nanoplayer.

Please Michelangelo

put the possibility to buy only the cd player plugin without subscription

I buy app volumio but buy a year subscription only for cdplayer plugin is tool much for me.

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Off topic but I would also pay for a cd player app.

Whats the CD app? is’t volumio open sorce? just compile the cd app?

It works as fast as hell, faster than Tinkerboard S.

Hotspot works
TIDAL works
WLAN works
24bit files are screened as 24bit files
Allo Boss works

CDrip does NOT work

Working fine with Audioquest Dragonfly Black and iFi Nano Black Label.

Tidal works
WLAN and LAN works
Youtube, Paradise Radio and Webradio works

After trying new interface Volumio3 and back to the regular one, lost the sound. Had to reboot both Raspberry and DAC, that solved it.

As with previous versions, only sees some 200 folders on PC’s music library (iPhone 6 with mconnect app sees all).
As with previous versions, Tidal MQA content does not light up the magenta LED (on iPhone 6 both DAC’s light up magenta).

Will try CDrip and more tomorrow.

And yes, it is FAST!

I started this topic with my question for help regarding the install of the PI 4 with HifiBerry DAC+

I was advised to check this topic with the experimental build for the PI 4.
To make a long story short. Installing the new build went fine with no issues. I connected my RCA cable without configuring anything to the board and played a few internet radio streams. Sound is perfect. But…

Then suddenly I got a message (see photo) that I had to select a different output device (green LED on the HB board went off)
I tried to select from the menu “Audio Jack”, but you can’t save this option. It jumps back to output device HifiBerry DAC plus.

Ever since the initial playback from scratch, I can’t get any sound out of the PI 4
The green LED on the HB board stays off.

At reboot the green LED is on again, until that same question regardiong the output device pops up again.

It’s worth mentioning that I have the latest HW build of the HifiBerry DAC Plus.
The one still advertised on the HifiBerry website is HW 2.2
Mine is HW 2.6 and is solving the 2.4 Ghz Wifi issues
See: https://www.tablix.org/~avian/blog/archives/2017/06/hifiberry_follow_up/

Pics included

Edit 17:29
After a factory reset and advanced install webradio is playing well with RCA out to the amp. (without any adjustments to settings)
Green LED on the HB card is on.
Volumio is currently scanning the NAS
HifiBerry Dac Plus 2.6.png

Try running first config wizard and see if you can change audio output.

Both times I used the config wizard and both times I’ve selected the HiFiBerry DAC plus option.
Still playing webradio while the NAS is being scanned. (see att)

I hope that michelangelo will have a look at the latest HW 2.6 print.
It is considerably different from 2.2
DAC-HB Green.png

what is the benefits of using rpi4 ?

Better sound (or at least is what my ears are telling me, maybe because I’ve spent the money on the 4 even tough I was pleased with the 3).

There is a diference that would explain the better sound: on the 4 the USB and Ethernet connections are separated, on the earlier models they use the same bus, and so the USB signal suffer from the LAN signal. This only apply if you use an external USB DAC.

And it’s faster, at least on this beta version.

I use an old android tablet to control Volumio.

On the Browse screen, landscape mode, there is a Search box on the right that does not show on portrait mode.

And the on screen keyboard is poping up too many times, more than on previous versions.

The app on the tablet sometimes looses connection, wich was very rare on previous versions. It hapened maybe 5 or 6 times today. A click on the Search button and in seconds all is well.

It’s been playing all day, with two diferent DACs, from Paradise, webradio, Tidal, and not a problem. Wi-Fi off, just on LAN.