Error: User does not have a valid session

Hello Volumio Community,

I haven’t used Volumio (on my Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Allo One S/PDIF board) for several months. But all was working fine then. I have a Volumio ‘Virtuoso’ subscription and a subscription to Tidal. Now, when I attempt to play any track via Tidal, an error message flashes many times: “User does not have a valid session”. Sometimes there is also a message about “Incorrect JSON termination”.
So, no music from the Allo One player :frowning:
Please can someone help?

Thank you,
Martin Miller

What is the version of Volumio you use?

It has the latest updates (December 2019) and I have a Volumio Virtuoso account.

Some extra information:

When the Allo player is connected to my free-standing DAC and both units powered, the light on the front of the DAC is red. However, if the digital output from my CD player is connected to the DAC, even in ‘standby’ mode, then the light on the DAC is green. So, this indicates that Volumio is not enabling the Allo player to connect properly with the DAC.

It would be useful if Volumio provided a dedicated Helpdesk to resolve issues such as this. If I cannot get the fault fixed soon, there’s no point continuing to pay the (rather expensive) monthly subscription to Tidal. Nor the (less expensive) ‘Virtuoso’ subscription to Volumio.

OK, the problem has been resolved, by ‘trial and error’ (just resetting various things).
The thread can now be closed, thank you.