Error running node

Hi, I am a web developer with Node/Angular experience and I am looking to contribute. I am trying to get this project running but I am spinning my wheels. I am using the VM through VirtualBox and I upgraded to the latest of everything and then I stumbled into this while running node. Any ideas?

which image do you use ?
Have you update to the last commit ( “git pull” in /volumio folder) and “npm install” to install new module if needed.
And then “killall node && node index.js”
But I don’t use it in VM…

MMM yeah, it seems that upmpdcli is not installed in the VM…
To solve:

disable upmpdcli plugin by editing /volumio/app/plugins/plugins.json

what you’re looking for is:
“upnp”: {
“enabled”: {
“type”: “boolean”,
“value”: false
“status”: {
“type”: “string”,
“value”: “STARTED”

Then, delete everything in /data/configuration

and reboot…

Let me know

Thanks for your help… Now I get a new error message.

Also, I am confused in general about where to start before the “preliminary setup” as per the instructions on github. Is this assuming you already have the volumio OS installed? How can you develop against the OS without using a VM? Are the only places to install the OS via the images or VM?

Volumio is based on Rasbian. When you get a image from here or by buildng it using you already have a running system! Just write on SD card, and power your device. Access it trough ssh or a smb share allow you to see www, etc, mpd file.
So in that way you don’t need to use a VM :wink:

I have run into exactly the same problems :frowning:

I understand it is difficult to keep documentation up to date, and I know the volumio team are doing a good job, but it would be nice if there were some clear instructions on how to get up and running with volumio 2 development.

I am seriously interested in helping with volumio 2 but find myself blocked by not even being able to get it running, and then understanding why it is not running.

I know the developers don’t want to hold our hands (fair enough), but just getting the thing working, and then understanding the ‘edit->build->deploy->run’ workflow, would be a good place for any of us to start.