ERROR failed -52


I just loaded Volumio into an sd card, booted up on a Raspberry pi3 Rasbian Jessie and received this error attached in the image. Stays stuck until I disconnect the power and does it again when I reconnect the power. Any ideas what I may have done wrong or need to configure? Thank you…

Volumio: VERSION: 2.041

I think that I would check the md5sum of the Volumio image download, and reflash the sd card.

Nothing wrong, just connect to the UI following the manual: … Guide.html

Ah, apologies, when you said “stuck” I assumed that you meant it was frozen and you couldn’t actually type anything in at the command line. All you’re showing is a system message. As michelangelo says, Volumio is running fine in the background; now you just need to access the web UI to control it.