Error Connecting to Device - Volumio app

I get this error message when i try to ‘add and play’ when using the app. Is there a simple fix?

It works fine from the broswer on the ipad. I’m guessing it’s a bug in the app?

Which app are you referring to?

The sound at volumio android app.

For support with Sound@Home please use this thread: sound-home-android-app-for-multi-rooms-and-other-t21.html

Digx, the creator of Sound@home, does a great job helping and bug fixing from there.

It is always very helpful to give as much information as possible.
For example, device model, situation when it occurs, possibly a screen shot.

Have you tried resetting the configuration?

I deleted the app and started again. I actually tried it on 1.4 too and got the same results so it is a recent thing as 1.4 was okay until the update to 1.5

I’ll maybe give those guys a shout. Thanks.