ERROR: 4096 KiB atomic DMA coherent pool is too small!

I got the error in the subject when I want to play through a DAC. I can play music through the earphone jack or through HDMI, although with a lot of distortions and breakups.

When I play through a DAC, I first get a number of these lines:
bmc2708-dmaengine bmc2708-dmaengine: DMA transfer could not be terminated

Eventually I’ll get the error mentioned in the subject.

My device is the Raspberry Pi B+. For output, I tried the HifiBerry Digi B+ with the HifiBerry Digi drivers (there does not seem to be a newer one in the kernel), and the HifiBerry DAC+ with manual adaption of the config files as per the steps lined out in volumio-for-raspberry-model-t1574-10.html.

For both boards, dplay -l correctly lists the drivers. Both boards also “turn on” which is visible by a LED on the board.

What could be wrong here? Is my Pi broken?