Equalizers plugins

Dear users,
As we met a lot of problems with these plugins, we decided to remove them from the store.
Don’t worry, they’ll be back as soon as a fix will be done :wink:
Sorry for that!
edit : you can still install them using my Github repo

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My Simple… has working nicely for years :wink:

Yes I know but works… Most of the time. But depends on hardware, some users have no sound, or can’t access to the local library etc. But as I said, you can install it from my repo.
Do you use the 15 bands?

Looking forward to it. Keep up the great work. Parametric EQ has been a real plus for my listening.

@balbuze, thanks for the post. I thought I was losing my marbles when I couldn’t find the plugin on a new Volumio I set up on the weekend :crazy_face:

I have an ancient first RP 1B with a noname USB DAC and your EQ works perfectly. I’ve got a new RP 3B+ with a HifiBerry DAC I’d like to give it a try with. The HifiBerry DAC is so much more defined than the old noname DAC.

I will get it from the Github repo and give it a try.


Hi @balbuze,

Around October 20th I installed the volsimpleequal plugin via the instructions on your Github page. The installer never completed running so eventually I used ctrl-c to break the operation. Then I enabled the EQ in my Volumio UI.

After I rebooted, I tried playing music and there was zero sound so I disabled and uninstalled the plugin.

Today, I thought I would give it another try. I performed the same installation and the installer never completed so again I used ctrl-c to break the operation. Then I enabled the EQ in my Volumio UI.

This time I took a screenshot of my playback options so I could see what any differences there were.

When I rebooted and tried to play music, I got the static scratching sound that has been reported so I stopped playback and looked at my playback options.

While in the playback options page I toggled IS2 DAC (ON/OFF) just to see what the options were and left it off.

Then I toggled DSD Playback Mode from DSD Direct to DSD over PCM (DoP).

I did not save any of the changed settings.

Then just out of interest I clicked the payback button on and for some reason everything is working correctly. Now I can go in and use the EQ and it’s working cleanly and correctly.

My system is a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a HifiBerry DAC Plus knockoff called a HiFi DIGI DAC (PiFi DAC+ v2.0). System Version: 2.834 Released: Thu Sep 24 22:42:43 CEST 2020

Hopefully this is useful information.


The installation doesn’t fail. It is a problem/bug in volumio. It wait to activate the plugin.
For the static sound, it is a known problem that appears for a reason I didn’t identify (change in sample rate seems to be).
So, it may occurs on your system…
We are working to an other solution :wink:

Hi again,
I am really happy that for the most part the EQ is operating properly. I’ve been running my system constantly since yesterday all day music.

Just now it went to static while playing a feed from the Radio Paradise plugin. I clicked the pause button and then play again and it cleaned up. It’s fine again. For me, this is certainly not a problem if from time to time I have to click pause and play while you are working on the solution.

Is there a logfile that might I can track down that might provide more insight? If so I’ll track it down and upload it.


I’m very happy with the eq plugins, yes you get some static on first play sometimes but as stated before a quick pause and play and it clears
The author helped me, a non techy person, set it up in minutes and I’m happy.

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Thank goodness. I was going nuts. Just saw your simple equalizer github page for the install instructions. Will try them. Thanks!

everything is here : volumio-plugins/plugins/audio_interface/volsimpleequal at master · balbuze/volumio-plugins · GitHub

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Works great! Thanks @balbuze

Work fine!

ooooohhh, After 2 hours, the frying returned. I thought it was a new version.

Hi @balbuze, any news about this?

Hello! To be honest, I stopped working with mbeq (the lib used in the 15 bands EQ…) And I stopped to work in plugin for Volumio 2…
I’m working on Volumio buster (3xxx serie). The EQ is ready. And several other plugins…
Soon :wink:


Excuses if this question is a bit “simple” as I’m a newbie with Volumio: how will I know that the new equalizer plug-in is ready, will there be a new section in the “Search Plugins” menu? Do I need to check if there’s a System update?
Thanks in advance!

Hi balbuze! the EQ plugin is built into beta volume 3? So I test both.

Sure you are welcome to test BUT PLEASE do not post to report any bug/issue in BETA thread if you install a plugin.
You can post here for EQ as they are in test too…
Enable ssh
2 choices (both can be installed on the same system, but enable only the one you want to test.
Graphical 10 bands

wget https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/alsa_modular/plugins/audio_interface/volsimpleequal10/volsimpleequal10.zip
mkdir vols
miniunzip volsimpleequal10.zip -d ./vols
cd vols
volumio plugin install
cd ..
rm -Rf vols*

New 14 bands Parametric EQ

wget https://github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/raw/alsa_modular/plugins/audio_interface/Parameq4Volumio/Parameq4Volumio.zip
mkdir Parameq
miniunzip Parameq4Volumio.zip -d ./Parameq
cd Parameq
volumio plugin install
cd ..
rm -Rf Parameq*

Feedback welcome :wink:

X86 version only … when can we try the Rasp version?