Equalizers plugins

Dear users,
As we met a lot of problems with these plugins, we decided to remove them from the store.
Don’t worry, they’ll be back as soon as a fix will be done :wink:
Sorry for that!
edit : you can still install them using my Github repo


My Simple… has working nicely for years :wink:

Yes I know but works… Most of the time. But depends on hardware, some users have no sound, or can’t access to the local library etc. But as I said, you can install it from my repo.
Do you use the 15 bands?

Looking forward to it. Keep up the great work. Parametric EQ has been a real plus for my listening.

@balbuze, thanks for the post. I thought I was losing my marbles when I couldn’t find the plugin on a new Volumio I set up on the weekend :crazy_face:

I have an ancient first RP 1B with a noname USB DAC and your EQ works perfectly. I’ve got a new RP 3B+ with a HifiBerry DAC I’d like to give it a try with. The HifiBerry DAC is so much more defined than the old noname DAC.

I will get it from the Github repo and give it a try.